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College students love attention and they also love to fuck and do wild things. These college girls are all about getting their freak on with each other. It makes no difference if it is sucking dick or licking pussy as long as they are doing freaky stuff. The girls are so horny, so anything goes with them. The guys are loving all the pussy they get, blow jobs, and watching the lovely ladies lick each other dry. This is the perfect dorm for lots of hardcore fucking, because the teens are all very buck wild and trying to do anything they can for cock.

Blonde College Girls Sex

College Dare Dorm Lips Experiment Video

21 November, 19:07, by admin Tags: , , ,

Some girl named Vanessa from a college in Florida sent this over to us at the Dare Dorm. She was blasting her music and basically running around with next to nothing on while her friends were in the dorm. They even had a stripper pole that the girls were dancing all around. It was pretty fucking awesome! They took the video camera to the bathroom and decided to shave each others pussies. Well, of course with this came along some pussy licking too. LOL, Next thing you know they are back in the dorm with big toys inserted in their vaginas. This is all the type of mayhem that takes place in a college dorm. It’s nothing but amateur sex and nasty girls doing each other right! If you like amateur lesbian sex then this might be for you!

Dare Dorm Lips Experiment